Futatsuka Karashina (Indian Mustard)

Available:November - March

Futatsuka Karashina (Indian Mustard)


  • Tingling sharp taste with a scent that stirs up your appetite
  • The texture and spiciness are best enjoyed pickled in salt
  • This salted staple can of course be chopped up and used as a spice for a variety of dishes.
  • Tricky to cook well, since heating might diminish its strong flavor


Has been cultivated mainly in the Futatsuka district since the Taisho period. Once only grown for the farmers' personal consumption, there was a time cultivation seemed to come to an end. However, the unique flavor was missed by many, and production was restarted for a broader market. Those who haven't tried it will surely find its spiciness and flavor new and quite refreshing.

Pickled Futatsuka Karashina