Kanazawa Ippon Futonegi (Large Spring Onions)


Kanazawa Ippon Futonegi (Large Spring Onions)


  • Thick and long white stems
  • When boiled it becomes sweet and soft, melting in your mouth
  • Boiled, skewered, in sukiyaki or in a hot pot, these onions are delicious however you choose to prepare them
  • The colder it gets, the sweeter the taste; exceptionally sweet and tasty when boiled and eaten during wintertime.


The plant has been cultivated in Kanazawa since the late Meiji, after the original breed was reportedly introduced from Nagano. The white stem grows covered by hilled up soil. The green leaves easily break in the wind, so they are carefully supported during growth.

Yakitori with Kanazawa Ippon Futonegi