Takenoko (Bamboo Shoots)

Available:April - May

Takenoko (Bamboo Shoots)


  • The softness and sweet taste of Kanazawa's bamboo shoots are said to come from growing underneath the snow.
  • The tips have a strong scent, the center is soft and mildly flavored, and the roots are firm and chewy.
  • Only mildly bitter, and very soft when freshly harvested.
  • In Kanazawa, takenoko are often eaten over a bowl of rice, as tempura, or boiled with seaweed.


It is said that edible bamboo shoots came to Kaga through foot soldiers who brought back the tortoise-shell bamboo from Edo and planted it at their family temple. During the season, fresh takenoko harvested the same morning are piled up in mountains at direct sales stores in Uchikawa district's Bessho town, where the shoots are produced. Takenoko so fresh they drip with water can only be tasted at the production site.

Simmered Takenoko bamboo shoots in soy sauce with kelp