Kinjiso (Okinawan Spinach)

Available:all year

Kinjiso (Okinawan Spinach)


  • The leaves are green on one side, while the backside are painted a vivid purple.
  • The soft leaves get a uniquely slick texture when boiled.
  • Battered and deep-fried as tempura, the soft branch tips’ flavor becomes aromatic and thick.
  • Besides eating it as a refreshing vinegared dish, you can also bring out its vivid purple in a “scattered sushi” dish, or use its juice to make some brightly colored jelly.


Said to have come along with the Kitamae cargo ship from Kumamoto. It was widely cultivated from the early Showa period as restaurants began to use it as food. It is said that its deep purple color comes from being grown in the Hokuriku climate, with its large temperature gaps and acidic soil.

Vinegared Kinjiso